Chongqing, China

2018 Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit

The First Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit (CEGS 2018) was successfully held at Chongqing Jinshan Science & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd on 3rd November 2018. Over 300 experts, scholars, fellows and partners from across the world attended the summit. Mr. Jinshan WANG, Committee Chairman and President of Jinshan Group announced the founding of Capsule Endoscopy Universal Council, aiming to realize structuring and standardizing of capsule endoscopy cases through big data and artificial intelligence.


Experts and professors present at the conference shared experience on applications of capsule endoscopy technologies in China and other countries, and discussed interpretation and future conception of capsule endoscopy technologies as well as application of big data in combination with multiple regions globally, endeavoring to reach a consensus on standardization of capsule endoscopy product, diagnostic procedures, report results and terminology etc.

CEGS 2018 Highlight

2018 Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit

2018 Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit (News)

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