Chonqing, China

Chongqing Tours

01One day tour

Chongqing Zoo

rare animals like giant panda, golden monkey and south China tiger.


General Joseph Warren Stilwell Museum

office and residence of US Army Commander Joseph Stilwell during the World War II.


Erling Park

A good place to enjoy the panorama of Jialing and Yangtze Rivers running through Chongqing.


Ciqikou Ancient Town

it was a busy port well-known for porcelain manufacturing in Ming and Qing dynasties. It is now a place full of temples, traditional architectures, ancient alleys, tea houses and restaurants.

02Two day tour

D1: the People’s Great Hall of Chongqing

it features an axially symmetric layout consisting of four buildings: the main auditorium, the east wing, south wing, and north wing. In total, it covers 25,000 square meters and demonstrates the incredible contrasts between different styles of traditional Chinese palace architecture.

Ciqikou Ancient Town
Hongya Cave

to see some of the sculptures in the traditional Bayu architectural style and do some shopping as well. This is the perfect place to get souvenirs for yourself or friends and family from home.


D2: Dazu Rock Carvings

03Three day tour


the People's Liberation Monument —Ciqikou Ancient Town


Dazu Rock Carvings


Chongqing Zoo—General Joseph Warren Stilwell Museum

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